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I like how much this'll piss off grumpy people.
I like my family.
I like my friends.
I like my computer.
I like RPGs.
I like Pokémon.
I like Treeckos.
I like watching stupid people get worked up over end of the word scenarios.
I like anime.
I like everything Japan makes.
I like Case Closed.
I like the characters of Case Closed.
I like everyone who watches Case Closed.
I like the brains of the people who thought up Case Closed.
I like all of my watchers.
I like all of my followers.
I like all of my subscribers.
I like how hilarious Daniel Tosh is.
I like Tosh.0
I like fanfiction.
I like bowling.
I like being sarcastic.
I like browsing art on deviantART.
I like Saturday Night Live when Justin Timberlake is on.
I like how the actors from the Twilight movies made fools of themselves at the 2011 Movie Awards.
I like arguing with stupid people.
I like being around stupid people when I feel stupid.
I like being around stupid people after playing Ace Attorney.
I like laughing at people wh
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 5 9
Nicktoons Theme Challenge 1-25
1. Beginning
"Hello dear reader," I begin, sitting next to a fireplace in a suit. "I figured that I should probably get more active on this account, so I decided to do this quick writing challenge. Well, enough of this boring crap. Enjoy!"
2. Dream
"Hello?" Danny Fenton shouted again, rapping on Sam's door. After growing impatient, he let himself in. "Sam, what-" His jaw dropped as he saw Sam and Tucker kissing each other.
Danny woke up screaming in a cold sweat. "Oh…" he gasped. "It was just a dream, thank goodness."
Tucker sat up from the other side of the bed. "Hey hun, did you have a bad dream?"
Sam woke up screaming.
3. Wave
"HI SQUIDWARD!" Squidward winced as he heard the piercing cry from his neighbor Spongebob, seeing him wave at him, holding a leash that was placed around the neck of his pet snail Gary. "It's a lovely day today isn't it?"
Squidward scowled at him.  "Spongebob, I just want to enjoy a peaceful Sunday morning WITHOUT YOU!" With that, Squidward retr
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 10 6
PMD - Grovyle by Justtosee123 PMD - Grovyle :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 23 20
CDSD - Broken Promises
This story is based on Pacthesis' flash game Chrono Days Sim Date. A link to the game is in the description.
Theodore – or should I say Teddy – lurked around in the bushes like a boss. He felt like a ninja, skulking around, following the girl of his dreams. He wasn't following her because he was some creepy pervert (though everyone called him one; you get caught in the girl's locker room ONE TIME and you're branded for life!), but it was because he was concerned for her.
He started noticing the girl, Saige, had been traveling to the past a lot. I mean sure, visiting the past does sound pretty cool, but he would have thought being in a place with no internet would get boring after a while. Not only that, but she also noticed her daydreaming in class a lot with this goofy smile on her face. Plus, she seemed to be working at Reton Mall all the time, saving up to buy flowers in the past. There was no fooling Teddy: Saige was in love. With someone in the past, no less! He h
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 32 55
V-Day Message
Austin never had a Valentine. Every Valentine's Day he had no one he could take out to dinner or a movie. Nope, instead he just sat by himself on a park bench, watching a bunch of other couples walk by, looking happy.
Austin's friend Mark approached him. Austin started telling his friend about how Jessica had rejected him for that snobbish pretty boy in World History. He complained about how he was alone again and how he'll probably be alone for the rest of his life. Like every year.
Instead of offering words of condolence, Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out a candy heart and tossed it to Austin, beaming him a smile before leaving.
Austin was utterly confused. He read the candy heart: 'Friends 4 ever.' Was this is his way of cheering him up? By giving him one of these poorly tasting candy hearts? What a jerk. He examined the writing on the candy once more before deciphering what his friend was trying to say.
Austin was never alone. He didn't need the opposite sex to find love
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 1 8
Sonic Colors in a Nutshell
-Pre-story levels: Sonic runs into a '?' ring-
Tails: Alright Sonic, collect those Wisps to fill up your boost gauge! Then press the Boost Button to perform a boost!...What do you mean you have no idea which button is the Boost Button? Of course you do! Now quick, use the Slide Button up ahead!
Sonic: Wha-runs into a wall-Ow…
-Later, -Sonic and Tails roam through Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park and hear a PA announcement-
Eggman *PA*: Welcome to my Interstellar Amusement Park! This park is a way of showing remorse for my past evil deeds, and is totally not a giant mind control cannon in disguise! So like, yeah, have fun.
Tails: Why is there nobody else here?
Sonic: And where the hell are the rides? This is CLEARLY an evil plan.
Tails: How can you tell?
Eggman *PA*: Hey, grab that Wisp! We need it so we can turn it into a Nega-Wisp so I can enslave the entire human rac-Oh crap my hand is on the PA button is it?
Sonic: Well, when in doubt, KILL A WHOLE BUNC
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 5 8
Anti-Yaoi Meme by Justtosee123 Anti-Yaoi Meme :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 13 64
Bandwagon FTW
(Future letter to me for Dec. 5th, 2012)
Dear FutureMe,
Happy late 17th birthday BTW. I don't know if you still use this e-mail address...But oh well.
I know you can't write me back and it'd be stupid to ask you questions like 'How goes it?' I just hope you haven't changed that much. I hope you're still on dA, hanging with Saarah and Cody and all those awesome guys. (A/N: Just because I didn't name you all doesn't mean you guys don't rule. You know who you are!)
I hope the guys at Square Enix got off their asses and made a Kingdom Hearts game that actually shows us WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SORA READS MICKEY'S LETTER. SERIOUSLY, FUCK THESE PREQUEL GAMES. Oh, um...Never mind. ^^;
Yeesh, just thinking about how cheesy you might think this e-mail is...BUT IMMA WRITE IT ANYWAY.
Anyway, I hope you're still writing, I hope you're still a Nicktoons Nerd, and I hope 2012 is zombieless and full of awesome, NON-DREAMWORKS Nicktoons.
Your Past Self. (You know your name moron.)
P.S If you don't have a gi
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 0 16
It's Complicated - Chapter 12
11:00 A.M at Camp Funshine is the one part of my day I loathe the most. It's when all the little brats start painting, and they always get paint in my hair. One time this kid dumped a whole bunch of blue paint in my hair, and when I was done with my shift and met with Duncan he couldn't help but laugh and say how I looked like an anime character. I STILL haven't gotten it out, and my friends keep laughing at me and calling me Konata Izumi. UGH.
It's been a few days since I started 'volunteering' here, and for the most part I've been avoiding Angela. I saw her once or twice, but I would run away before she could notice me. I think she's looked my way yesterday but I guess my blue hair put her off. So I decided to keep it until I finished my punishment, so I could avoid her. No matter how much torment I get from it by my friends and family…
Stella and I normally partner up for big projects either of us get assigned. Jeremy doesn't volunteer here, since he's way too young to be volun
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 1 8
Homemade Phoenix Wright outfit by Justtosee123 Homemade Phoenix Wright outfit :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 4 16
A Writer's Imagination
"No, that won't work!"
I crumpled up another piece of paper and threw it into my overflowing trash bin. I had been at my desk for who knows how long, trying to come up with at least one good joke I could come up with. But nothing came to mind.
I hadn't come up with a funny joke in forever…OK, most of my jokes aren't really that funny, but let's just say I hadn't come up with a decent joke since…Actually, I think the last time I wrote something on my own account was the beginning of September…when school started. Isn't school the excuse for every creator of anything? Too bad the people at Valve can't use that excuse. Sucks to be them.
I had started writing a few things…but they remain unfinished in my documents. And most of the ideas I come up with I usually think are stupid the next day, so I just drop the whole project. I've been itching to write something, but I'm normally too lazy to do anything…plus I can't think of a joke.
"Aw, screw it!" I groaned, shovin
:iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 7 16
NOT MINE USING FOR ID by Justtosee123 NOT MINE USING FOR ID :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 1 0 Enthusiasm by Justtosee123 Enthusiasm :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 13 9 Nobody Calls Me Tubby by Justtosee123 Nobody Calls Me Tubby :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 45 31 PKMN Black-White Racist Stamp by Justtosee123 PKMN Black-White Racist Stamp :iconjusttosee123:Justtosee123 31 21
You're entering dangerous territory.


Cold State Poster by gotMLK77 Cold State Poster :icongotmlk77:gotMLK77 2 4 Wet Hair Octavia by johnjoseco Wet Hair Octavia :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 5,582 629 The Keeper by Nicktoonacle The Keeper :iconnicktoonacle:Nicktoonacle 149 34 as long as its free by Nicktoon-Grl as long as its free :iconnicktoon-grl:Nicktoon-Grl 6 1 I really love her mane by Blackm3sh I really love her mane :iconblackm3sh:Blackm3sh 814 115 Rusty Hearts, Angela Tude by vodichka-san Rusty Hearts, Angela Tude :iconvodichka-san:vodichka-san 181 15 Happy B-Day, Chris 2 by Nicktoon-Grl Happy B-Day, Chris 2 :iconnicktoon-grl:Nicktoon-Grl 3 5 Shine on by Nicktoonacle Shine on :iconnicktoonacle:Nicktoonacle 250 75 Gods by TriggerhappyFemale Gods :icontriggerhappyfemale:TriggerhappyFemale 319 43 new season by CSImadmax new season :iconcsimadmax:CSImadmax 2,734 238 Custodes Lucis by Nicktoonacle Custodes Lucis :iconnicktoonacle:Nicktoonacle 264 71
Deviations 10x better than mine.



United States
ID by :iconexoticparadox:

I'm that one dude who made that one thing you like and that guy from that one place you know me from. Yup, I'm him.
Enjoy my wacky writing.

Current Residence: In a van down by the river
Favourite style of art: Cartoony
Favourite cartoon character: T-Oh you know.
Personal Quote: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"
...then I took an arrow to the knee.

There. I joined the bandwagon. I hope you're happy.

Anyway, this the journal after the journal where I said I would come back to life, then didn't. I promise that someday I will. I'm sorry I've been neglecting you guys...Truly, I am.

Anyway, Christmas is around the corner. Hope you all have a good one. ;)
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